Meet our line fluxs and rods for ferrous metals.


Products tailored for small repairs to cold.



Meet our line fluxs and rods for special welds.


Products tested and approved for demanding refrigeration market.


Welcome to Brasweld

BrasWeld Fabrica

The Brasweld specializes in market solutions for maintenance and repairs with high performance welding supplies and has a wide range of products for welding and cold welding repairs.

With national capital, Brasweld started its activities in 2001 manufacturing welding flux solder ink with international quality, always focused on the cooling area and increasing its line of products every year. In 2013, Brasweld boldly adquired a cold weld to join copper, brass and aluminum welds and became a great success in the HVAC area.

In 2015, Brasweld signed an exclusive distributor agreement for Brazil and the entire Mercosur with HIGHSIDE CHEMICAL INC in GULFPORT- MS USA, bringing great new realeases to the Brazilian market. In 12 years of domestic and foreign markets, it has been consolidated as one of the most reliable companies in the market. Our sole purpose is to solve all your welding problems. You can always rely on us.


Know-How in Special Welds

Brasweld’s products for welding and brazing range from rod and wires for ferrous metals welds to welds in special alloys such as tin, aluminum, copper and silver. Investments in development of new technologies

Product development partnerships according to customer needs.


Training Videos

Here you can find the main training videos and can track usage of each product and further specialize in the maintenance and welding repairs area.




CHEMICAL-POINT is a product specially used for sharpening chemically tungsten electrodes (Wolframio), producing perfect edges. It is used in welding by the TIG process (tungsten inert gas).



New Line of Products


Meet our new line of products for cleaning air conditioning systems. We are working to improve the quality of your air.